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Us Three Adriana Molder Art Plural Gallery Exhibition Singapore
Adriana Molder: The Light in the Heart
11 June - 16 August 2014
Art Plural Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Portuguese Berlin-based artist Adriana Molderrunning from June, 11 to August 16, 2014 at Third Floor - Art Plural Gallery. The exhibition unveils two new series The Light in the Heart and Mystery.  

Born in 1975 in Lisbon, Adriana Molder has developed a unique body of work consisting of black and white portraits using India ink on tracing paper. Inspired by iconic figures mostly taken from films, Adriana Molder continues to incorporate in her work various references from literature to existing histories, old masters paintings and random images found in magazines. Cinematographic repertoire always plays an important role in her work as the depicted characters seem to unfold a narrative and express themselves beyond their static portrayal position. Indeed, Adriana Molder’s inverted artistic codes interrogate the viewer: a black textural background and a white flat foreground, animated portraits, renew the field of drawing and lay an uncanny depth in each artwork.


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