Kim Lim - From the film 'Beyond Time - William Turnbull '

March 18, 2015

An excerpt from the film 'Beyond Time - William Turnball". Narrated by Jude Law. Directed by Alex Turnbull and Pete Stern. Copyright: Breaking The Mould Films.

Featuring Singaporean sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim, find out the development of Lim's sculpture and print works since her early days in the 1950s, and her influence towards her husband, Bill Turnball's artistic career.


Born in Singapore in 1936, Kim Lim spent much of her early childhood in Penang and Malacca. After finishing school in Singapore at the age of 18, she began her art training at Central Saint Martins in London (1954-1956) in wood-carving and at the Slade School of Fine Art (1956-1960) in printmaking. Her earliest print work explores modulations of blocks and lines, which also transpired into wood sculpture using basic linear patterns. From the 1980s onwards, Lim’s print work and sculpture explored more natural forms by taking inspiration from the visual culture of various archaic civilisations, such as ancient Greece, ancient China and ancient South Asia. Prior to her passing in 1997, Kim Lim worked primarily in stone while also continuing to create prints. Her sculpture bears the remarkable quality of lightness and softness by evoking natural elements such as wind, air, water and light through an otherwise contradictory material.