Interview with Armen Agop

February 3, 2015

Art Plural Gallery presents an interview with Egyptian-Armenian sculptor Armen Agop. In January 2015 the artist was in Singapore to unveil his solo exhibition Transcontemporary at Art Plural Gallery, which presents 20 granite and bronze sculptures that are both free-standing and wall-mounted.


Armen Agop was born in Cairo of Armenian descent in 1969. He graduated from the sculpture department in the Faculty of Fine Arts from Helwan University, Cairo in 1992. Armen Agop's sculptures have been called futuristic, other-worldly UFOs, yet at the same time ancient, spiritual and meditative. Agop connects with granite, a material that existed millions of years ago. Through his internal journey with the material, Agop reconsiders the very concept of Contemporary. Sculpture, for him, is not a trend. It is beyond now. It is Transcontemporary.