Feng Shuo explores the complexities of human nature with the magic of allegory. Imagination intertwined with world truth is the artist’s figurative artistic balance. The annihilation of morals, the extinction of principles and the destruction of freedom feed Feng’s lonely inspiration. Striving to abolish power and corruption on earth, multiple myths are used in a mocking manner. Immersing from the canvas, symbolic animals and individuals are portrayed in strange situations, such as; a fox wearing boots, a toad signing a contract in a bow tie, a guilty fallen angel; all representing the human condition but also the continuum of life in a greedy, money hungry environment. In the ideal psyche, mankind will live in harmony with nature, in the cathartic construction of ultimate self-awareness.


Feng Shuo was born in Beijing in 1970. He graduated in 1994 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, (CAFA), Beijing and in 2003 from the Central Academy of Drama with a master’s degree. He is currently teaching at the Central Academy of Drama in the Stage Design Department, and is a working associate professor and tutor for master students. The artist’s group and solo exhibitions include: Marlborough Gallery, New York; Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing and Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing to name a few. The artist currently lives and works in Beijing, China.