Peter Halley: Solo Exhibition

29 August - 11 October 2014 - Level 1

Largely associated with Neo-Conceptualism and Minimalist art, American artist Peter Halley is famed for his vibrantly-coloured geometrical paintings, often described as square prisons. Halley challenges the concept of space, viewing his principle motif, the square, as a metaphor for confinement. Reflecting the idea of prisons, solitary themes play crucial to Halley’s work. The artist refers to the time when he first arrived in New York, recollecting the isolated hardships he faced upon living alone. The importance of solitary isolation in his work is further enhanced by his intensely bright, almost fluorescent, colour palette, which has often been interpreted as a clear movement away from the natural world. Using Roll-a-Tex and Day-Glo paint as his main material sources, Halley’s art thus transcends modern principles as a reflection of contemporary society.

Peter Halley's first solo exhibition in Southeast Asia presented ten works spanning over 15 years of his career. The exhibition was on view from 29 August - 11 October 2014.