21 November - 28 December 2013 - Level 3

From 18 November to 27 December 2013, Art Plural Gallery presented Excess, the joint exhibition of Chinese artist Fu Lei and American artist Dane Patterson.


Fu Lei, born in Beijing in 1958, celebrates the excess of sensuality and desire conveyed through massive bodies’ volumes and flesh disproportions. Picturing unusual scenes echoing classical Greek orgiastic feasts, Fu Lei sets lust as a value in a world emphasizing the ambiguousness of human nature.


“The inspirations of my creation come from the freedom of not fixing my mind on any culture, region, pattern or even species. Only a free and open mind can stimulate endless imaginations.” – Fu Lei


These intimate visions present an interesting dialogue with Dane Patterson’s interior scenes. Dane Patterson, born in 1978 in Indiana, features familiar people and objects displaced from their usual context. Absurd or unreal scenes reveal the fragile balance of so-called routine. Dane Patterson’s excessive disorder undermines fixed and limiting definitions.


“The act of repositioning the familiar reads as an act of violence or at least the evidence of such. A toaster is designed to rest on a surface in a particular manner, and when placed on its side it reads to us as an error.” – Dane Patterson