Fabienne Verdier: A Solo Exhibition

25 January - 9 March 2013 - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

From 25 January to 9 March 2013, Art Plural Gallery presented the inaugural solo exhibition of French artist Fabienne Verdier in Southeast Asia, featuring her latest drawings and large-scale paintings. Works presented were from the Color Flows, Memories of Norway, Energy Fields, Fractalscapes, and Cercle series.


For her Southeast Asian premiere, Fabienne Verdier explored the theme of abstract landscapes inspired by her journey by the coastline of Norway. Verdier sought inspiration from the living – the movement of life forces through stone and soil. Encapsulating the transience of things, Verdier’s forms are restrained yet spontaneous.


“Most recently, I have been impelled to explore the genesis of living matter, the spontaneous emergence of structures, movements, folds, the natural dynamics of the birth of land forms. With my brush as my companion the flow of matter becomes a landscape, the canvas a physical map, a kind of geography of the spirit which brings us to perceive the hidden framework of the world.” - Fabienne Verdier