50 Red Dots for SG50

22 January 2015 - Art Plural Gallery

50 Red Dots is a new limited-edition print series presented by Art Plural Gallery in honour of our own little red dot. Created in celebration of Singapore's Golden Jubilee, 50 editions of Chinese artist Nan Qi's iconic ink painting Nan Qi’s Dot, 2011 have been individually signed by the artist, and are now availabel for acquisition from the gallery. The series brings to life the official philosophy of SG50, “Celebrating the Little Red Dot”, and encapsulates the united spirit of Singapore as a country through each of its 50 years.


The original artwork is one amongst a very limited number of single red dots created by the artist, with less than a handful of such works painted each a year. The series is arguably Nan Qi’s defining work, capturing his expertise and skill in traditional Chinese ink painting as well as his inherent understanding of Western pointillism. In an exhaustingly consuming process; each dot is created with different layers of ink and water to achieve a complex yet complete entity. Much like our own written signatures, Nan Qi’s red dots evolve through the years and grow with the artist’s ever increasing experience, reflecting his virtues of patience and control. Each work tells a story, and come together like the rings of a tree to depict a visual history of Nan Qi’s artistic evolution from master of traditional Chinese ink painting to a pioneer of the contemporary ink movement across the globe.