Jedd Novatt: Solo Exhibition

4 November - 4 December 2014 - Level 4

Born in New York City in 1958, Jedd Novatt was educated both in the United States and France, where he currently lives. Breaking new grounds, his sculptures push boundaries and challenge our expectations by creating a unique aesthetic that unveils an unprecedented path in the history of sculpture. Defying scale and questioning gravity, structures of all sizes shape interspaces, define dimensions and embody monumentality. Piled empty squares in bronze or steel incise the air with their unequal edges creating two dialectic spaces. “The form I focus on most is the inverse of the material of the work: the space that surrounds it, which I imagine as solid. The creation of this negative space is part of the work”, the artist says.

Jedd Novatt's inaugural solo exhibition in Southeast Asia featured two large sculptures as well as smaller scale works and collages. The exhibition ran from 4th November to 4th December, 2014 on the fourth floor of the gallery.