Pablo Reinoso: Living Sculptures at Le French May

25 April - 14 July 2013 - Macau

From 25 April to 14 July 2013 Art Plural Gallery presented the solo exhibition of French-Argentinean artist Pablo Reinoso as part of Le French May in Hong Kong and Macau. The exhibition titled Living Sculptures featured eleven artworks which were displayed in One Central Mall and Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Macau.


Originally a renowned designer but essentially an artist, Pablo Reinoso has practiced art in various ways since an early age. Multifaceted and curious, he navigates through different disciplines; sculpture, photography, architecture and design, exploring a myriad of techniques and materials. With his sculptural creations, he tests the limits of possibility by using objects against their grain, uniting opposites and mixing-up materials such as wood, slate, brass, marble and steel.


Reinoso focuses his search on the entity, its transference, and the unconscious, using space and time as an environment. A culmination of the artist’s discoveries brought him to use other materials such as air. This medium enabled the energy to flow in all dimensions of his self-orientated link between art history and psychoanalysis. Today, the material object in Reinoso's work is just a vector to convey his inspiration and thought. The actual study of functionality leads to the inner dialogue between art and design, which transcends into the outer object itself. This is illustrated through the mutation of mirrors, chairs, benches and garments along with the chaos of the unknown using our five senses.