Perspectives: A Group Exhibition

22 January - 28 February 2015 - Level 1 & 2

Perspectives is a group exhibition that celebrates the diversity of artistic practice and perspectives in our increasingly globalized age. Spanning different continents and myriad of cultures, the exhibition is an expression of the gallery’s vision of a plural approach to contemporary art. Put in dialogue with one another, the juxtaposition may at first seem discordant yet given time, one notes their marked similarities. From the regional-specific to the global and even to the metaphysical realm, universal themes of chaos, control, excess and conflict come to the fore – whether between person to person, country to country, Man to Nature, or element to element. These entities run through the exhibition even as they run through our entire existence.


Perspectives takes place on the first two levels of Art Plural Gallery and showcases works by the following artists: Fabienne Verdier, Chen Guangwu, Imran Qureshi, Jedd Novatt, Robert Longo, Chun Kwang Young, Yves Dana, Fu Lei, Nan Qi, Tian Taiquan, Gert and Uwe Tobias, Doug and Mike Starn, Pablo Reinoso, Shi Jinsong, Ian Davenport and Pascal Dombis.